Satu Elo

"Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by how where we happen to be born molds our lives. Intuitively I always knew how lucky I was to have been born in Finland, one of the richest and most equal countries in the world. My fascination with the human condition together with an innate need to help and drive for social change has been the guiding principle in my professional career. I have lived in war zones, worked in the Global South with slum dwellers, child laborers, psychiatric prisoners, people with disabilities and rule of law professionals, among others. I have been employed by the Finnish MFA, the EU and different NGOs. What always struck me the most is the inner strength of women, the role they play in their communities and, the transformative nature of love and the sense of belonging. These, I feel, are the best ingredients for sustainable social change. That is why I now choose to work through Sis Ventures – to transform lives, one at a time."

Hannele Korhonen

Hannele Korhonen

LLM, BSc. Econ.
"Since teenager my dream has been to work for human rights but I ended up pursuing corporate and business career first and participating social causes on volunteer basis. After corporate career I founded my own law firm where my ambition to have a bigger impact in the world led me to develop one of the first online legal services in Finland which later formed into a legal tech startup to improve access to justice globally. Now the calling to do something about refugee crisis, one of the biggest crisis of our times, has become so loud that I decided to put all my skills, knowledge and contacts into use to pursue the social cause for helping refugee women. My own experience as an entrepreneur and most importantly my journey to find myself and my calling and align them with the needs of the world and tuning into the loneliness and suffering of fellow people motivate me everyday to pay my serendipity forward to the less fortunate women."
Twitter @HanneleKorhonen

Sis Ventures | Pamela Spokes

Pamela Spokes

"I have always been fascinated by other cultures and people. In high school I helped out in the ESL classes in my free time so that I could meet those whose families had uprooted their lives and moved to Canada. At university in Canada, Finland, Sweden, and Russia, I focused on gender and politics. From there I forged a career in international higher education, promoting education abroad as a tool for personal and professional expansion which led me to service design. Using design thinking methods and service design to co-create real value and desired experiences. Entrepreneurship has taken me on a journey that I never could have imagined and has called me to combine all my experiences and to serve in a capacity that is valuable to others. Women in transition need services which only they can articulate and I want to help design those with them."