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Co-creating Empowering Entrepreneurship for Immigrant Women

Sis Ventures

We are a social impact enterprise with a mission to drive sustainable social change through empowering entrepreneurship. Our focus is on immigrant women whom we help to replace the label of an immigrant with that of a female entrepreneur’s. We use our holistic incubator concept to release the potential and strength of these women for inspiring new beginnings.

We practice human-centered design and co-create solutions together with immigrant women. It is the women that are always at the heart of our work. We use legal design and our work is transparent and data-driven. We create impact through the women we incubate and validate and share this impact through data.

Our name Sis Ventures comes from the words SISU and SISTERS. Sisu is a Finnish word for inner fortitude and resilience. Sisterhood refers to our inclusive and caring community where everyone is equal and learns and gets support from each other, woman-to-woman.

This site offers a little insight into our work since our official website is still under construction. More information and cool updates coming soon! 

If you want to find out how to participate, let us know about you! You can make a difference with us by becoming an entrepreneur in our program, serving as a mentor, coach, technology partner, investor or a supporter. Join us and leave your contact information using the link below!